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Types of injection moulding machines include hydraulic, electric and toggle. Suppliers of plastic Injection moulding machines such as Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machines, Electric Injection Moulding Machines, Toggle Injection Moulding Machines) used to manufacture plastic products. Plastic injection moulding machines / plastic moulding machines are classified primarily by the type of driving systems they use: hydraulic, electric, or hybrid. Hydraulic presses have historically been the only option available to moulders until Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., LTD introduced the first all-electric injection moulding machine in 1983. The electric press, also known as Electric Machine Technology (EMT), reduces operation costs by cutting energy consumption and also addresses some of the environmental concerns surrounding the hydraulic press. Electric presses have been shown to be quieter, faster, and have a higher accuracy, however the machines are more expensive. Hybrid injection moulding machines take advantage of the best features of both hydraulic and electric systems. Hydraulic machines are the predominant type in most of the world. Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machines, Electric Injection Moulding Machines, Toggle Injection Moulding Machines.

Injection moulding machine - a machine for making plastic parts. Manufacturing products by injection moulding process. Consist of two main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit. Injection moulding machines can fasten the moulds in either a horizontal or vertical position. The majority is horizontally oriented but vertical injection moulding machines are used in some niche applications such as insert moulding, allowing the plastic injection moulding machine to take advantage of gravity. There are many ways to fasten the tools to the platens, the most common being manual clamps (both halves are bolted to the platens); however hydraulic clamps (chocks are used to hold the tool in place) and magnetic clamps are also used. The magnetic and hydraulic clamps are used where fast tool changes are required.

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